Verbatim Li-ion Power Pack 10,400mAh

Verbatim Li-ion Power Pack 10,400mAh

  • Huge battery capacity of 10400mAh
  • 3.4A dual output with smart charging, 2A input
  • Good quality of PVC casing
  • Supplied with microUSB cable
  • 7 PCB System Setting Protection to ensure safety



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  • Specifications

    • Battery type : Li-ion
    • Capacity : 10400mAh
    • Dimension : 113(W) x 74(H) x 23(D)mm
    • Net Weight : 242g
    • Output : DS 5V/3.4A
    • Input : DS 5V/2A*
    • Accessories : 1 x microUSB cable with pure copper wires (20cm)
  • Features

    Huge battery capacity with 3.4A dual output & smart charging

    Smart devices’ battery consumption becomes quicker nowadays. Huge battery capacity of 10400mAh with 3.4A dual output & 2A input* suits the needs of users. Smart charging technology can automatically detect and optimize the best current for your devices to keep the best charging speed and efficiency.


    High quality of PVC casing

    Casing is made of high quality of PVC and it is durable and not easy to be scratched. 3 colours available include black, light blue & deep blue. White LED indicators indicate battery status.


    Supplied with microUSB cable

    Included microUSB cable with pure copper wires, it can be used for charging and transferring  data to the devices with microUSB interface.


    Ensures safety and reliability

    With 7 PCB System Setting Protection, FCC, CE and ROHS international safety certificates, and Global Product Liability Insurance ensure safety and reliability of the battery.

  • Limited Warranty

    1 Year Warranty

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